valentines day

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day dinner

Food is LOVE.

Are your kids digging up stickers, colored paper and the markers to make Valentine cards before the class parties tomorrow? Are you planning a special family dinner?

As for a love-filled dinner, how about a forkless dinner? The kids will think they’ve gone to heaven.

Head over to your favorite craft or party store for some heart toothpicks, ie Michaels or Party City. Or, make some yourself with construction paper, toothpicks and glue. Then pull your favorite Mom Made Meatballs from the freezer. Prep the meatballs in no more than five minutes. Serve with your favorite dipping sauces, cheese cubes, as well as bite-size fresh veggies and fruit.

If you really want to make it special, go around the table saying one thing you love about each person at the table.

Presto! Your family will know they are loved!

If you’re needing more ideas, here are a few of our favorite easy Valentine's ideas on Pinterest, ranging from homemade crafts and healthy foods to family activities.

Happy Valentine’s Day!