Quick Snacks

Thanksgiving Poem

It’s the week before Thanksgiving And all through the town

Not a parent was cooking

Not even a clown

Moms and Dads Everywhere are saving their energy

For that big day of thanks, sharing and preparing

A big turkey in the oven & a pie on the rack

What happens to their kids if they should want a snack?!

Why it's another Mom Made Moment if ever there was one

Give kids what they want when you are under the gun!

With 8 quick and healthy meals and snacks anytime

Your brood will be happy and think you sublime

All web users can save, too, with a click and a print

With $1/off any Mom Made, it really is super quick

And easy for mommas and poppas everywhere

Since Mom Made is in freezers from here to over there

Go rest up for the day of roast turkeys done your way

We wish you and yours a most pleasant holiday

And thank you, as always, for your humble following

Bon Appetit next week and happy Thanksgiving!