Yum! More meatballs, please.

Meatballs are a true "comfort food," found in almost any restaurant, grocery store or fast food chain in the US. The portion size of meatballs, however are a different story...often two or three times bigger than what's considered to be healthy. Not shocking this trend of super-sized portions has contributed to the weight and health issues we struggle with as Americans.

Mom Made Beef and Cheese Meatballs are not the standard meatballs you find elsewhere. They have a unique taste, plus they're much healthier and a smaller size that all ages can enjoy. How about this...enjoy 10 Mom Made meatballs for the size of 3 classic meatballs!


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the more food you are served, the more food you eat. Serving smaller meatballs seems you are eating more and helps control your portions. Mom Made's bite-size, antibiotic-free meatballs have 3 times less fat, and half the calories and sodium in comparison to classic Italian meatballs. Check out how they stack up...


An all around win-win! These are sold in SuperTarget stores nationally, as well as select Whole Foods and other retailers. Find a store near you.