The "Glamorous" Life as Mom Made CEO: Our Expansion into Northern California

Last week I answered a typical question from a friend, “What's new at Mom Made?” with a short explanation: "We're booming at Mom Made.  Just this month we've added new availability in Northern California, through Whole Foods and independent stores, in addition to the recent additions of chains up and down the east coast." Sometimes, like an echo in my own ear, I listen to how I answer these questions and have to pinch myself how far we’ve come in the 5.5 years we’ve been in business.  But I can't help but think about how much effort goes into our successes!  Some of my friends think that my job is ideal and glamorous.  I agree it’s ideal, I love working with our Mom Made team and love to be helping kids eat healthier every day!  But glamorous, ha!  Here’s a bit of the (not so) glamorous itinerary behind what it took to get to Northern California...

In September 2011, I left my husband and kids behind for a week and I flew out to the west coast.  Our Sales Director had other meetings in other areas of the country that same week so I traveled solo.  My team helped fill my schedule with sales meetings in Seattle and in/around the Northern California region. Throughout this whole journey, I travelled with my luggage, plus a cooler filled with frozen product samples, sales materials, my laptop, and often have to procure toaster ovens and microwaves!

Monday: Morning at the office in Alexandria Virginia; Afternoon flight from DC to Seattle; Rent car #1

Tuesday: Early morning sales meeting; Led late morning sales training; Afternoon flight to San Francisco; Rent car #2

Wednesday: Drive 1.5 hrs; Early morning meeting with Whole Foods Northern California; Drive 2 hrs; Afternoon sales meeting; Drive 2 hrs; Dinner with my college friend at the fabulous restaurant Chez Panisse!*

Thursday: Early morning flight back toSeattle; Rent car #3; Two sales meetings with local grocery chains.

Friday: Missed my crack-of-dawn flight from Seattle to DC by 60 seconds due to security hold up – took 18 hours to get back to DC; Cab from DC airport to a party to meet my husband because we had a babysitter booked…and I never like to miss a party!

So there you have a not-too-untypical week of travel on behalf of Mom Made Foods!  Fortunately, hard work does pay off as Mom Made is now in freezer aisles in Whole Foods Northern California, a new region that is filled with lots of organic-foods-loving-families who we know will love Mom Made.  All so worth it!

*The most glamorous part of my travels (and the best perk when business traveling) is always to meet up with old friends across the country!