Can a Foodie Really Buy Into Frozen Foods?


In fact, that's why Mom Made Foods exists! Foodie mom Heather Stouffer founded Mom Made Foods  4 1/2 years ago. Heather was (and remains) a full-time working mom who didn't want to compromise on the food her son was eating. But being a full-time working mom, she soon found that with convenience came sacrifice, and that just wasn't acceptable!  What began as a mission to provide healthy and convenient foods for babies blossomed into a company dedicated to improving the health of children of all ages, and committed to the ideal that convenient prepared foods can be healthy and delicious.

The baby stage is vital to starting a child on a pathway of healthy eating, it is a stepping stone to a lifetime of food habits.   As babies graduate into toddlers and toddler graduate into preschoolers, it is imperative that they are fed with the same love and attention and nutrition as babies are.  What is easy (for some) to do for babies, becomes more of a challenge as children grow, and develop their own likes and dislikes and habits.  Mom Made is working to fill the void of kid appealing, healthy food for children who have moved beyond baby food.  Mastering purees should not be a license to eat junk!  And for parents who rely on prepared foods, once their child is older, there are so few options that are convenient, good for you, and appealing to kids.  Mom Made believes firmly in the proposition that convenience doesn't have to sacrifice quality and frozen doesn't have to mean full of sodium or junk.

Whether moms and dads are foodies, take out mavens, or short order cooks, most try pretty hard to nourish their kids.  Heather knows that, and wants parents to know that Mom Made Foods is going to do our part to help!  Because while she's a foodie at heart, she's also an entrepreneur who knows more than ever the value of convenience (and she still isn't willing to sacrifice what she feeds her family.)