Talking Turkey with Heather Stouffer

Richmond, Va – Heather Stouffer, Creator of Mom Made Foods, LLC, joined us in the Virginia This Morning kitchen to share the health benefits of cooking with turkey and a few innovative ways to enjoy turkey meatball tacos. Heather walked us through a quick and easy recipe for ‘Turkey Meatball Tacos’. CBS 6  <Watch Video>                                           

Family-Friendly Frozen Food Company Reaches Out To Gluten-Free Community

Recognizing the growing number of American families seeking gluten-free meals, Mom Made Foods, is introducing two new certified gluten-free products, Gluten-Free Turkey Meatball Bites and Gluten-Free Cheesy Mac Meal. The release of these new products will reach a broader demographic of consumers, making the brand accessible to families with gluten sensitivities. Both products will be available to try at Expo West March 7-9, 2015.

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CBS6 - Quick and Easy Meal Solutions that don’t Sacrifice Nutrition

RICHMOND, Va – Entrepreneur Heather Stouffer, Creator of Mom Made Foods, LLC, stopped by the studio to give us some ideas of quick and easy meal solutions that don’t sacrifice nutrition. March is National Frozen Food Month, and Mom Made Foods are an excellent way to save prep time when preparing meals but still make sure your family is getting the proper nutrients.

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