- This Mom Created A Freezer-Friendly Sandwich Invention For Busy Parents

Now that it's summer and most kiddos are out of school, we've been able to semi-retire as school lunch-packers. For a couple months, at least! During the school year, when things are the most hectic, packing a lunch or getting a nutritious meal on the table during the week can be a daunting task. It's always GO, GO, GO! We barely have enough time to spend with our kids after work and school and activities, so a lot of parents cringe at the thought of spending that small amount of time in the kitchen making dinner or prepping lunches and snacks for the next busy day. We want to give our kids healthy food, but we also want it (and need it) to be easy. So when we hear about a product that accomplishes all of those things, then we are ALL over it. The Lunchwich could be the answer to all your meal-prep woes.

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