The spaghetti and turkey meatballs are good to the last drop.
— Elizabeth
My son absolutely loves your Chicken and Apple Meatballs. He wants to eat them every day!
I am happy they are healthy and easy to prepare... so grateful for your high quality Mom Made products. Thank you!
— Debra
As professional chefs, we care a lot about the food we feed our son. Thanks for great products that we can feel really good about feeding him when we can’t make our own.
— Dave and Caitlin, chefs and parents
My son (almost 3) just had the chicken and apple bites. He LOVED them! Thank you for making such a quality product!
— Margaret
We tried the chicken and apple meatballs today with my 2 year-old son who has an egg and peanut allergy. He LOVES them!!! We will definitely be buying these on a regular basis!
— Stacey Ann
Mom Made Cheesy Mac is a guilt-free, delicious, mac and cheese. It’s only 200 calories, it’s cheesy and satisfies that comfort food NEED. I’m no kid, but I enjoy this generous serving even when I’m on a diet. I’m health conscious, it’s organic and packed with vegetables and low in sodium. It’s my go to snack. I’m not kidding!
— Susan
Just a thank you. My son won’t eat much, and when he does it is a limited selection. He loves the Bean Burrito and the Pizza. If it takes a little deception to get him to eat vegetables, so be it! Looking forward to other selections to try. Thanks!
— Amanda
I am so happy that these are online! Mom Made’s Cheesy Mac is my 7 year-old’s favorite lunch option...hands down. I love keeping these in the freezer for whenever we need a quick, healthy lunch. The veggies are a major bonus!
— Donnelly
My son loves the chicken apple meatballs.
— Carol
Just wanted to tell you that Mom Made Foods is a hit in our house. The Pizza Pockets (Cheese Pizza Munchies) are the only way to get vegetables into my picky eater. My other little guy loves the Fiesta Rice. Great stuff!
— Ann, mom to two boys
With Mom Made Foods in the freezer, I know I always have something super healthy, fun and quick that I can whip up in the microwave or in a pot on the stove.
— Lara Kretler
I just wanted to tell you how much my boys love your products especially your cheesy mac. I have purchased other brands but they always want yours. So a big thumbs up to you all from the Chase family!
— Samantha
My 14 month old thoroughly enjoying your Mac & Cheese! I love that I can confidently go to your dinners on busy nights and not feel like he is missing out on a healthy meal! Thank you!
— Kris
My kids love Mom Made Foods! Thanks for help with dinner tonight!
— Michele
We love when our mom has our freezer stocked with Mom Made!
— Joe (age 9) and Will (age 7)
The meatballs were a great size. Tender and not too spicy. (I had to take a tiny taste of both to know what I’m talking about). These are great for little fingers that like to dip.
— Melanie
I just wanted to say that the gluten-free Cheesy Mac is fantastic! I really like the sweetness from the squash and sweet potatoes. Keep up the good work!
— Victor
I just discovered this today! I had the spaghetti today! I’m so hooked! I’m on a very strict diet and I’m a very busy mom! I was so excited when I found your products and they taste amazing! Not like all the other healthy stuff with no flavor! I’m recommending these to everyone!
— Amanda
I stocked the freezer with Mom Made Foods. The favorite for the girls was the Mom Made Meals Spaghetti and Meatballs. My girls love it so much, Pela had to carry the box through Whole Foods one day and ate it as soon as we got home. The girls have tried the Mom Made Mac & Cheese, and Turkey Meatball Bites, Bean Burrito Munchie and Cheese Pizza Munchie and have enjoyed them all. Mom Made Foods are perfect for when you are getting ready to go away and don’t have time to make a meal. Mom Made Meals are quick and delicious-my husband has been known to eat the Spaghetti and Meatball on nights we don’t cook.
— Jennifer (Tastefully Childish Blog by NYC mom to 2 girls)
My youngest daughter loves these meatballs! They are the perfect size for her little hands, she can poke them successfully with her fork! They heat up quickly and taste great too!
What I liked about the Cheesy Mac, is that Mom Made Foods hid organic butternut squash, and organic sweet potatoes in it! My kids had NO idea. The sauce was definitely cheesy, which is how our family likes their mac & cheese.
To be perfectly honest I came across your frozen macaroni and cheese the other day at the grocery store. Despite the “kid” appeal, I thought the product sounded really good and amazingly healthy. As a college student, I am continually on the run and looking for quick meals. I popped your Cheesy Mac in the microwave, and was amazed at how good it tasted. The fact that you can make a health food so easy and nutritious amazes me. I just wanted to say I think you all do a wonderful job and should definitely keep it up. Call me a kid at heart, but at the age of 21 I still love your food!
— Chelsea
My 4 and 7 year olds both love this mac n cheese. I like the fact that it has added veggies - peas, sweet potato and butternut squash! My 4 year-old is so picky and never eats greens, but somehow he loves this! I was so happy to see that its now sold on Amazon
— H. Gordon
My grandchildren are thrilled with your Cheese Mac meal. I like the idea of you making the vegetable sauce instead of a cheese sauce. The kids enjoy your version!
 Thank you!
— Irene
Both of the kids enjoyed eating these (Munchies). My son liked picking it up to eat. Every 3 year-old loves finger food! My daughter was able to eat this too and really enjoyed the beans and rice.
— Jaime
Back home eating Mom Made Foods meatballs after an MRI in Chicago that gave us good news! Adler’s tumors have finally showed some shrinking..... After a full years of chemo treatment already. Still have more to go but thanks to your meatballs during chemo he found something good and healthy to eat!!!
— Elizabeth